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WHW Consultants was founded by Bill Warshauer, a Business Professional with Executive Management and ownership experience in Commercial Banking, Franchise Management and Development, Real Estate Development and Management, Retail Store Management, Business Operations and Product Development.

Bill’s passion for business is what sets WHW Consultants apart from its competitors.  He really listens and reacts; he “Gets It” and wants you to “Get It”. Bill’s consulting is custom designed to set your goals and develop a plan to target and implement your plan of action to reach your goals.

Bill will assess your “AS IS”; determine action needed to reach your goals; create a strategic plan; and help implement the plan. Contact WHW Consultants today to discuss strategies for successful business growth.

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Business Diagnostic

Whether you’re just starting out or you have a well-established business…

Organization & Structure

WHW will work with you to create improved organization and corporate...

Planning & Development

WHW will work with you to develop your business plan or review and evaluate...

Corporate Branding

Defining your brand and brand presentation helps to bring attention and recognition...

Starting, Buying, or Selling a Business

Starting a business can sometimes be intimidating. We help to take the guess work...


Every business owner realizes that the financial aspect of a business is...