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Communication Chaos

What is Advanced Communication Technology?

Advanced Communication Technology can be described as an effective, proficient, efficient, accurate, timely, and wide spread way to stay connected.

Today we can attach files, pull from a cloud and link and sync all of our communication devices. We can use our Laptops, Desktops, Smart Phones, Office Phones, Home Phones, Tablets, or even our Nook Reader to stay tuned in, never missing a beat.

Interaction of communications today isn’t just through our phone calls and voicemail, but includes Text Messages, Instant Messages, Emails, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other communication media outlets, not to mention use of our household devices like our televisions and DVDs. When it comes down to it, it is much harder to disconnect than to stay connected.

What Effect Does This Have On You and Your Business?

In my Business Consulting world, communicating with state of the art technical tools for the “Up To Date” Professional has become an OVERWHELMING and out of control DISTRACTION. This can and does cause ineffectiveness, inefficiencies, slower production, lack of focus, meeting interruptions, automobile accidents, bumping into people and objects while walking, overstress, out of control schedules, and spending longer unorganized hours solving issues.

Are we finding our day more difficult to focus on details and being proactive? Are we focused on the task at hand? Are we driven by the need to react, essentially disrupting productivity and risk putting our day’s tasks in a tail spin?

What Does The Future Hold?

Advanced Communication Technology within our companies, is and will, continue to be a major line item in business definition. It is now factored into Employment Advertising, Resumes, Employment Agreements, Job Descriptions, Budgets, Timelines and the bottom line. Think about communicating 2 years ago and now project forward 2 years, 5 years or even 10 years ahead. These technology advancements will continue to develop at an accelerated pace. Consider how different you and your business will communicate in 2 years.

Can we continue to react, or do we capitalize taking control and creating disciplines within our business and professional world?

I am glad that you took the time to review this and encourage you to continue dedicating time for review and planning. WHW Consultants, LLC is committed to work with our clients and prospective clients to succeed.

Bill Warshauer