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The Success of a Business!

What is better for product sales, business structure and organization or good marketing and advertising?

Let’s consider that you have a great product or provide a service in high demand. Your marketing campaign is top of the line and you are reaching your target market creating a “Call to Action” from the customer or end user.

Back at your place of business there are a variety of frustrations such as inventory shortage, employee absence, poor communication among staff, delivery schedules behind, shipping or delivery is late, the boss is distracted with insurance renewals, a computer is down, the budgets aren’t done, brochures are outdated, or there is simply a chaotic state within the organization.

Your Business is Not Alone

Many businesses suffer even when having great products or provide a high demand service and find their organization structure prevents them from “delivering the goods”

Think of a good law firm generating many new clients and finding out they can’t get the work completed due to lack of production capabilities.

Have you been to the grocery store to find the checkout line is too long, there is no one to help find something, and getting 1 pound of turkey sliced at the deli takes forever?

Have you called for a repairman and told they can’t get to you for a week?

Think of the automobile dealership waiting for parts from the manufacturer to repair a warranty item.

These scenarios are examples of not having a good organization structure to support company success.

Clearing the Hurdles

A company wanting to succeed should review their internal operation often to be sure they can meet the demands of the customer and provide that positive experience in a competitive market.  A well run organization with well trained employees, solid inventory control, regular meetings and communication, alternative and backup solutions to anticipated problems, developing time lines with your projects and following a prepared budget that works are some tools for running a good organization from within.

I am glad that you took the time to read these comments and I encourage all Business Owners to continue dedicating time to review and understand the economic changes around you and prepare to make the necessary adjustments to continue to succeed and grow your business.

WHW Consultants is committed to work with our clients and prospective clients to succeed.

Bill Warshauer