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Welcome To WHW Consultants

The world of economics continues to change which may affect your business.  Making proper adjustments to current activity and future planning is important.  Following a specific economic trend, when opening a new business or growing an exisiting business, is critical to success.

WHW Consultants will work with you to address challenges and implement a plan to achieve your goals. For over 30 years we have successfully provided consulting services to businesses of all sizes.

Our Solutions

Business Diagnostic

Whether you’re just starting out or you have a well-established business, an assessment of some key factors of your business can go a long way to setting things on the right road to success.


Organization & Structure

WHW will work with you to create improved organization and corporate structure for representation and presentation to meet your business goals.


Planning & Development

WHW will work with you to develop your business plan or review and evaluate your existing plan focusing on identifying priorities needed to organize structure and implement your business.


Corporate Branding

Defining your brand and brand presentation helps to bring attention and recognition to your business.


Starting, Buying, or Selling a Business

Starting a business can sometimes be intimidating. We help to take the guess work out of the process and will work with a new business owner to put the process on track.



Every business owner realizes that the financial aspect of a business is a key element that starts at the planning stage.