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It is our belief that recording data should be used not only for financial data but for the review of products and service performance information, as well as vendor and customer information.  By properly categorizing information when recording, you can generate specific management reports for better management of your business.

Every business owner realizes that the financial aspect of a business is a key element that starts at the planning stage. From financing to operational costs to revenue streams, each financial component affects a business’s growth and success. WHW can help in all aspects of your business’s financial assessments and requirements, including:

  • Seeking ways to explore your scope for revenue generating sources
  • Controlling costs
  • Perfecting operation efficiencies to the bottom line
  • Preparing a business plan and package when seeking financing sources
  • Reviewing financial information, proposals, business plans, business models and organization and operational functions pertaining to your business and investment opportunities
  • Evaluating and identifying methods to protect existing business revenue and profits

WHW will review the companies’ processes and effectiveness for controlling cost, updating management and operation efficiency, and perfecting and streamlining overall company effectiveness.


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Every business owner realizes that the financial aspect of a business is...