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Every business experiences ups and downs. Whether you’re just starting out or you have a well-established business, an assessment of specific key factors of your business can go a long way to setting things on a solid road to success.

This is where we come in. WHW can review and evaluate your business, helping to guide in making adjustments that will help your business keep pace in an ever changing economic environment.

WHW will work with you to review and evaluate specific elements and fundamentals of your Business to include but not limited to:

  • Organization structure including documentation, ownership, & management
  • Organization planning
  • Corporate strategies
  • Products, material and service performance
  • Key management personnel
  • Various contractual agreements
  • Job descriptions and responsibilities as well as methods for evaluating accountability and performance
  • Communication methods, specifically meetings agendas and follow up procedures
  • Marketing program, initiatives and planning
  • Business relationship development
  • Financial information to include profit and loss history and projections, cash flow history and requirements, expense controls and disciplines and bottom line control
  • Banking relationships
  • Financial structure and sourcing
  • Business operation components and functionality
  • Product Development
  • Proprietary properties

WHW will review your company’s processes and effectiveness for controlling cost, updating management and operation efficiency, and perfecting and streamlining overall company effectiveness including:

  • Evaluating and identifying the fundamental components and functions of your business
  • Identifying priorities and adjustments needed to meet the demands for future success
  • Identifying ways to perfect and streamline management and operations efficiency
  • Evaluating and identifying operational fundamentals and functions of your business with a focus to develop strong management disciplines, procedures, regulations, systems and processes to meet the requirements for efficient and effective performance and for consistent operational standards
  • Work with you to review various business plans
  • Assist to develop an ongoing strategic plan
  • Set corporate goals

Growth and expansion

During our review process, WHW may provide a tool for you to revise, adjust and develop a strategic business plan designed to help meet your company goals for increasing profit structure, expanding brand and market awareness, grow market demand to enable growth and expansion.


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