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To Really Know-Employer and Employee

Business Owners know common areas of concern such as Budgeting, Marketing, Customer Service, Inventory, Sales and Profit.

Many Business Owners overlook one of the most important ingredients for success. Owners really don’t know their employees; and employees really don’t know the Company.

Consider the business personality of people. To know an employee we think of their general personality, their life style, how they dress, communicate, and their performance.

For an employee to know the company, one will consider salary, benefits, security, work environment, job description and company goals.

Let’s get deeper and ask:

  • Do you really know the people you rely on to make your business work? 
  • Do the people you rely on really know what they are responsible for?
  • Do the people you rely on really know what they are accountable for? 
  • Do the people you rely on really know how their talent, effort, and production are expected to contribute to the bottom line? 
  • Do the people you rely on really know your specific plans for short term and long term goals?

For the Business Owner and their employees to really know each other involves precise and specific disciplines communicated throughout the organization.  Having specific job descriptions, performance measurements, reviews, and goal setting is a company discipline that can make a difference.  

A Business Owner really has to know his company and employees are on the same page.

I am glad that you took time to read these comments and I encourage all Business Owners to continue dedicating time to Know your employees. 

WHW Consultants, LLC is committed to work with our clients and prospective clients to succeed. 

Bill Warshauer